If there is a stagnation in the business
If there is no time for market analysis
If there is no money for marketing department
If you want to try new innovative tools
We will develop |
for your business
If there is a stagnation in the business
If there is no time for market analysis
If there is no money for marketing department
If you want to try new innovative tools
We will develop
for your business
What is the result?
You will receive more than 40 individually designed materials, a marketing strategy and recommendations that reflect exactly your project
More than 100 pages of information
More than 100 pages of information
Intuitive interface and convenient structure
Intuitive interface and convenient structure
All recommendations in one place
Action plan with clear instructions
What is included in the price?
E-commerce and content marketing
Strategies for strengthening the brand and creating loyalty
Strategies for promotion in social networks
Innovative tools for marketing
Adaptive multi-channel promotion strategies
In-depth analysis of your business
Personalized plan for setting up and optimizing your business or packaging it
Personalized recommendations for building brand awareness, trust and loyalty among your audience
A personal plan for the creation and distribution of content, developed based on your business goals
Individual review of modern tools to optimize the marketing process and increase ROI
Recommendations for optimizing presence in various channels: social networks, search engines, forums, email marketing
List of recommended tools and services for increasing conversion and improving sales
Ready-to-use ideas for promotions, events and loyalty programs to attract and retain customers
Ready-made templates and ideas for publications, advertising campaigns and interaction with subscribers
Practical examples of using AI, including ChatGPT, to automate and improve marketing campaigns
Action plans for each channel, taking into account trends, audience needs and the specifics of your market
Guides and cases of effective content marketing, accompanied by ideas for creating catchy content
Expert advice on effective methods of strengthening the brand in the market and deepening relationships with customers
Guidelines on effective methods of promotion in various social networks
Step-by-step instructions on implementing and using the latest technological solutions in your business
Cases of successful campaigns on different channels, showing the possibilities of scaling and increasing coverage
Individual marketing strategy developed taking into account the specifics of your business, target audience and competitors
Recommendations for optimizing current marketing campaigns and introducing new strategies
Instructions and practical examples for the competent implementation and execution of recommended measures
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Feedback from our customers
They asked for help in promoting their startup. Thanks to a competent marketing plan, a clear strategy of actions with instructions appeared. Two months later, most of the proposed ones have already been implemented. I advise it everyone.
IT startup
Network of fitness clubs
There were concerns about working with artificial intelligence, but they were dispelled after the first results. It’s amazing how accurate recommendations based on data can be. This is a new stage for our business.
Children's Center
Your recommendations on social networks have helped us to convey to parents the value of our training programs. Content and submission began to distinguish our children’s center among many competitors, and the number of applications went up!
Philip T.
Luke K.
Olivia D.
Детский центр
All recommendations are created taking into account the specifics of your business, allowing you to solve specific tasks and achieve maximum effect in the right areas
With us, you will not only solve current problems, but also get tools for future development and adaptation to changing market conditions
Our independent analysis from the outside will help to identify hidden opportunities and problems that could have gone unnoticed from inside your business
We provide a clear description and structure of each stage of work so that you always stay up to date with the development of your project
Step-by-step strategy
Opportunities for growth
A look from the outside
Transparent process
Advantages of CUBB MARKETING
How to get a marketing strategy?
Carefully fill out a personal questionnaire
Wait for the operator’s response in a convenient messaging app
Pay for recommendations in a convenient way from any country
Access to the program will come within 3 days via e-mail
Carefully fill out a personal questionnaire
Pay for recommendations in a convenient way